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stARTup Gallery - at the Beaufort Street Festival. 

15th November 2014

For one day only, a huge outdoor street gallery in an area of over 2000m² behind the Mt Lawley IGA. This space managed by ArtLab in collaboration with the Beaufort Street Festival hosts over 50 emerging artists exhibiting their artworks for sale to the festival crowd which is expected to reach around or above 150,000 people. 

The stARTup Gallery at this years 2014 Beaufort Street Festival will be the front gates to the Laneway Collective's Project which will showcase some of Perth's most emerged artists painting murals down an entire laneway. To see more of this project, visit their invite on facebook and if you are in Perth, we invite you down to the Beaufort Street Festival!


Stall # - Artist 

Section 1 
1 Frans Bisschops, Ellie Henderson, Narelle Rogers
2 Frans Bisschops, Ellie Henderson, Narelle Rogers
3 Patricia Heidy
4 Ashleigh Perrella 
5 Donna Powell
6 Melissa (Mellopoly) & Sheryl Young
7 James Cooper
8 Alicia Rogerson
9 Gene Tobin
10 Jenny McMinn, Sarah Martino, Katelyn Petty
11 Julie Sutherland & Karla Freitag
12 Karen Chappelow
13 Ebony Frost
14 Joe Filocamo
15 Alison Draper (allthealison)
16 Ariel Katzir
17 Hans Solo
18 Veronica Kolarik
19 Elle Harris
20 Curtin Illustration 4/stall - Ella Konrad-East, Holly Fox, Tyson Elmer, Nathanael Whale.

Section 2
21 Kara Kachinski
22 Roberta Sheridan 'Bertie Louise'
23 Emma Stokes (Poppy)
24 Laura Wood
25 ART for SPINE
26 Shu Daniels, Dipesh Prasad + Travis Hayto
27 Shu Daniels, Dipesh Prasad + Travis Hayto
28 Alexander McKie (SaZar)
29 Emily Shingleton & Carly Dirie. 
30 Jarrad Macquade 'ex oh ex'
31 Nia May

Section 3
32 Lauren Pickering
33 Sally Ridge
34 Asterical Design
35 Lisa Henderson & Matt Wright
36 Karen Jackson + Jennie Raccoon 
37 Elena Circosta
38 Rahalie McGuirk
39 Christa Capel
40 Natasha Lea 'Design Skeleton'
41 Jason McLeod 42 Coroline McGrath & Lydia Tretheway 43 Sam Ross
44 Beba Hall
45 Ashley Ramsey
46 Alana Fluit 'Frank'
47 Teresa Kileff
48 Steph Mateo (Tankateo)

  Based in Perth, Western Australia - One of the most isolated city in the world !

"What better place is there to observe the vast creative talents from all parts of this planet?"

- Luke Halpin, ArtLab founder.

:: Our Mission:

- Creating events and initiatives which activate the community into appreciating the talents around them, further cultivating the progress of local creative minds. 

- Curating all creative walks of life through various projects which exhibit artists to their local community.

- Collaborating in every project we take on, giving artists & creative minds the opportunity to meet each other & showcase their own local initiatives world wide.

- Occupy Pop-Up:

An initiative to present local artistic talents to the surrounding community, offering free exhibition wall space to display artworks for sale whilst also hosting creative activities to interact the artistic & cultural communities together. Read More. . . 

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The ArtGames consists of competitions and fun games that showcase hidden talents of the people living around you! Read More. . .

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A bi-annual event which hosts a full day of presentations from creative minds in diverse artistic fields. The line-up of consists of three categories; the young & inspiring, those emerging & the ones who have made it. Each speaker prepares to inspire & motivate the audience by discussing their progress through their creative industry, trials and tribulations and discussion about their lessons learnt. Read More. . . 

- Creative Consulting:

Advising the best route of achieving your creative goals and opening up the ArtLab database to connect you with the right people who can help make your project a reality. Read More...

- Artist Management:

Connecting artists with commissions. Collaborating diverse skillsets to acheive particular projects. 


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