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  Based in Perth, Western Australia - One of the most isolated city in the world !

"What better place is there to observe the vast creative talents from all parts of this planet?"

- Luke Halpin, ArtLab founder.

:: Our Mission:

- Creating events and initiatives which activate the community into appreciating the talents around them, further cultivating the progress of local creative minds. 

- Curating all creative walks of life through various projects which exhibit artists to their local community.

- Collaborating in every project we take on, giving artists & creative minds the opportunity to meet each other & showcase their own local initiatives world wide.

- Occupy Pop-Up:

An initiative to present local artistic talents to the surrounding community, offering free exhibition wall space to display artworks for sale whilst also hosting creative activities to interact the artistic & cultural communities together. Read More. . . 

- The ArtGames:

The ArtGames consists of competitions and fun games that showcase hidden talents of the people living around you! Read More. . .

- The Creative Conference:

A bi-annual event which hosts a full day of presentations from creative minds in diverse artistic fields. The line-up of consists of three categories; the young & inspiring, those emerging & the ones who have made it. Each speaker prepares to inspire & motivate the audience by discussing their progress through their creative industry, trials and tribulations and discussion about their lessons learnt. Read More. . . 

- Creative Consulting:

Advising the best route of achieving your creative goals and opening up the ArtLab database to connect you with the right people who can help make your project a reality. Read More...

- Artist Management:

Connecting artists with commissions. Collaborating diverse skillsets to acheive particular projects. 


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